Long Term Care Administration


Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life for target citizenry by delivering effective programs and facilitating partnerships with providers and the community they serve.

Long Term Care Administration is a unit within Federal & State Policy Division of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority who are tasked with creating member empowerment and personal responsibility by assisting members with access to the most appropriate choice for Long Term Care Services and Supports available to them through the SoonerCare system. Our aim is safeguarding that all members receive appropriate care, while living in a residential setting of their choosing.  

We endeavor to enhance the quality of life for targeted citizens by administering effective programs and facilitating partnerships with providers and communities, sharing a common a goal of ensuring the health and safety of each member that is served through the programs offered. 

Long Term Care Administration staff commits to the development and implementation of new program initiatives to meet needs of the ever-changing heath care delivery system, while ensuring that such programs meet all applicable laws, regulations, health policy and guidelines and are in alignment with the agency’s mission and goals.  


Core Values
  • We are citizen focused
  • We are learning centered
  • We are ethical in practice
  • We are innovative in development and delivery
  • We are dedicated to continuous quality improvement
  • We are proactive in our efforts to forward the mission of the agency
  • We are dedicated to working as a team