OHCA Application and Hiring Process


Beginning August 3, 2017, OHCA's Human Resources will only accept applications in electronic format. This can be done via email or fax.  


Overview of the Application | Hiring Process

    a. Applications will be accepted during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday). 
        Applications are accepted only during the announcement period.
    b. Applications must be received by this office no later than close of business on the announcement closing date regardless of the date of any postmark.
    c. DO NOT substitute a resume for an Oklahoma Health Care Authority Employment Application. 
        Resumes may be attached as additional information only.
    d. Fill out a separate application for each position of your interest.
    e. Fill out your applications accurately and completely.
    f. Enter a job announcement number on each application.
    g. Keep a copy of your completed application to avoid duplication work in applying for additional jobs.

2. Background Investigation:
    a. Successful candidates must pass an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation criminal investigation and background check.

3. Prior to filling, all positions are subject to approval from the Cabinet Secretary with regard to the hiring freeze.

4. These positions are unclassified and exempt from many of the Merit System Rules of Employment.

This information listed is a general overview of the process and is subject to modification as determined necessary without notification. The Chief Executive Officer is the appointing authority for the Oklahoma Health Care Authority and reserves the right to make direct appointments as determined necessary.