Third Party Liability Liens

Lien Reductions

After you receive a response regarding the amount of the OHCA lien interest, you may want to request a lien reduction. As specified in Tit. 12 O.S. §994.2(A)(1), the OHCA will reduce the lien/subrogation interest by an amount attributable to ‘procurement costs.’ A reduction for procurement costs occurs if:

  1. the procurement costs are incurred because the claim is disputed; and
  2. the procurement costs must be paid by the Medicaid member.     

If these conditions are met, then the Medicaid member or the attorney for the member may submit a request for a lien reduction. In some cases, a request for a lien reduction due to hardship may also be considered. You can submit a completed lien reduction request form to the OHCA Legal Division via facsimile to (405) 530-3444 or via email to

Once a determination is made regarding the lien reduction request,you will receive a response in writing. Please allow 2 weeks for a response to a lien reduction request. A response may be provided in less time, but the requests are worked in the order that they are received.